Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports contain grants and financial information for each fiscal year. Since 2002-2003, each report contains an essay focused on an issue relevant to FCD's work.

Annual Report 2012-2013

Annual Report 2011-2012 

Annual Report 2010-2011

Securing Our Future? Rethinking Public Investments in America's Children
Annual Report 2009-2010

How Do Families Matter? Understanding How Families Strengthen Their Children's Educational Achievement
Annual Report 2008-2009

America's Vanishing Potential: The Case for PreK-3rd Education
Annual Report 2007-2008

All Our Children? The Health and Education of Children of Immigrants
Annual Report 2006-2007

Ready to Teach? Providing Children With the Teachers They Deserve
Annual Report 2005-2006

Getting There: PK-3 as Public Education's Base Camp
Annual Report 2004-2005

Talking the Walk
Annual Report 2003-2004

First Things First: Prekindergarten as the Starting Point for Education Reform
Annual Report 2002-3003

Annual Report 2001-2002

Annual Report 2000-2001