Our Work

The Foundation for Child Development supports research, policy, and advocacy that have strong potential to advance the learning and holistic development of young children from birth through age eight. The Foundation is particularly interested in work that, as our mission declares, will fortify young children against harmful consequences arising from economic instability and social exclusion, and that strengthen their developmental potential.

The Foundation has identified the Early Care and Education Workforce as an emerging issue for the field. Enhanced federal, state and local attention to early care and education (ECE) can only have a strong positive impact on the lives of young children and their families if the professionals in the field are competent, appropriately compensated and unified. The ECE field is facing another critical moment. Our work must adjust accordingly to support research and implementation on the ECE workforce through its grantees and its Young Scholars Program (YSP)

Our previous efforts elevated issues that are now actively addressed by researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and advocates. We spearheaded research that extended the definition and practice of early development from preschool to third grade. Today it’s referred to as PreK-3rd, a multi-disciplinary effort to continue developmental gains made in early learning through the early school years. Similarly, YSP supported the work of junior scholars for over 10 years, producing a rich body of research supports policy and practice-relevant research focused on the early learning and developmental needs of immigrant children.